Some 5.8 million people in South Africa are living with HIV and Aids, more than in any other country. In 2011, it was estimated

that 257 910 South Africans died of Aids. With effective treatment, they could have lived long and productive lives, the type of treatment that TogaLabs has perfected over many years with unrivaled expertise.


TogaLabs is a pioneer in pathology and a provider of cost effective scalable solutions to partners in the medical fraternity for more than a decade.

With a collective 40 years of experience in virology at its core, TogaLabs is a formidable national resource, applying the most advanced thinking and approaches in HIV and other viral diseases to unique South African circumstances.

The laboratory report is just one aspect of an intuitive comprehensive service that ensures effective disease treatment and management to ensure patient quality of life.

Consistently a thought leader, TogaLabs introduced discounted monitoring tests for HIV in 2002, establishing a benchmark that has become the norm. TogaLabs quest for better pricing continues.